Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Reading by Kauai Authors

It's that time where the kids get out of school and you start looking for activities to keep them busy all summer. Besides swimming classes, soccer camp and summer trips to far away places, reading is an important part of a child's summer. If you live in Hawaii, or are taking a trip there, you might consider choosing some books by Kauai Authors. Here is a good place to start.

Great books for summer reading with your 3-8 year olds:

1.) Who Lives in the Sea? Ocean Animals of Hawaii (ages 2-6) available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle format or Book App for Kindle or iBooks.
2.) Knuckles, The Hound of Hanalei (ages 2-7) available at Done by Dogs Publishing
3.) The Magic Ukulele (ages 3-8) available on Amazon or at Banana Patch Press
4.) Sabrina The Girl with a Hole in her Heart (ages 5-8) available on Amazon
5.) Mele the Crab (ages 2-6) available on Amazon
7.) King of the Beach (ages 4-8) available on Amazon
8.) Knuckles the Hound of Hanalei Book 2 (ages 2-7) available at Done by Dogs Publishing
9.) Benny the Beetle (ages 2-7) available on Amazon
10.) The Eye of the Lion, The Story of my First Hurricane (ages 5-8) available on Amazon

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