Monday, April 15, 2013

Free Books for Earth Day

Kauai author, Monika Mira is concerned about the state of our coral reefs. In a recent interview she stated, "I feel that it is my duty to not only highlight all the fun and interesting facts about these amazing animals, but also make children aware of the things that may threaten their existence. I am committed to teaching children to become stewards of the environment, so in my books, you will often see a list of ways that children can help conserve these animals and their environment."

Recently, Kauai's north shore reefs have been plagued by a mysterious, fast spreading coral disease. Mira feels that it is not only extremely important to spread the word about protecting coral reefs, but also also extremely urgent. Coral reefs are at the basis of the food chain and are extremely valuable to our economy and the overall health of the environment.

 So, for Earth Day, Mira is offering her book, Coral Reefs FREE on Amazon. She has also discounted her best-selling book, Hawaii's Green Sea Turtles to just 99 cents. She hopes that you will download her books and take action.

 Mira's first title, The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book, just won another national award, the KART Kids Book List Award. This title is printed on Green Seal certified recycled paper in an effort to be consistent with Mira's environmental goals. Happy Earth Day! Spread the word and help protect our coral reefs!