Saturday, January 31, 2015

Albatross of Kauai Just Released!

Thanks to the Cornell Ornithology Lab's live bird cams, in 2014 for the first time ever, almost 2 million people from more than 195 countries were able to watch a Laysan albatross grow up from hatch to fledge. Now, by the author of Knuckles, The Hound of Hanalei, the new illustrated children's book, Albatross Of Kaua'i, The Story Of Kaloakulua, tells the story. As always, author Susan Dierker tells the story in English, but includes Hawaiian words. A 48 minute dvd of live footage from the 'Tross cam is also included so that children can learn more about the Albatross of Kauai.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Betlach Family Foundation, 1000 of these books will given to the children of Hawaii in 2015. Albatross of Kauai will be read to hundreds of children during the annual Read Across Kauai Day event, and schools and libraries will be receiving copies. In fact the theme for this year's event is environmental literacy, and this book will help educated children about the Laysan Albatross found on Kauai.

For more information about the book or the author, please visit the Albatross of Kauai website.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Read Across Kauai Day 2015

If you would like to sponsor a class, or books for kids, please visit the Storybook Theatre website, and click on the donate button. Make sure to include Read Across Kauai as the purpose for your donation.