Monday, November 19, 2012

FREE nonfiction for kids this week

The following non-fiction for kids in the Science and Nature for Young Readers series will be free sometime this week on Amazon. Be sure to pick these up to fill that new Kindle that you are giving as a gift this Christmas.
SPIDERS will be free November 20th.

Did you know that spider silk is stronger than steel of the same thickness? Or that the venom from a Black Widow is more powerful a Rattle Snake’s? Learn all about the mysterious world of SPIDERS in the Science and Nature Series for Young Readers.

Fun Fish Facts for Kids will be FREE on November 21st.

Did you know that male seahorses give birth? Or that Parrotfish can make sand? Did you know that some fish are in danger of disappearing from our oceans forever? Discover the fascinating world of marine fishes and learn how you can help protect sea life in Fun Fish Facts for Kids, part of the Science and Nature Series for Young Readers.

HAWAII'S GREEN SEA TURTLES will be FREE on November 22.
Did you know that relatives of sea turtles have been around since the age of the dinosaurs? Or that sea turtles were hunted to the brink of extinction before gaining protection under the Endangered Species Act? Explore the fascinating underwater world of Hawaii’s Green Sea Turtles in the Science and Nature Series for Young Readers. Kids of all ages will enjoy the beautiful photographs while learning how they can help protect these graceful and beloved animals. This book also provides links to FREE MARINE LIFE COLORING SHEETS.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Celebrate National Picture Book Month with Books by Kauai Authors

November is National Picture Book Month. Across the globe, schools, libraries, booksellers and book lovers are coming together to celebrate the picture book. Thousands have joined the celebration. What will you do to celebrate National Picture Book month on Kauai? How about reading from the following list of picture books by Kauai Authors.

Picture Books by Kauai Authors:

Knuckles the Hound of Hanalei 
by Susan Dierker

Sabrina, The Girl with a Hole in her Heart by Wendy Lewis

Benny the Beetle 

by Carol Peacock-Williams

The Sheltering Place by Mark Huff
King of the Beach by Mark Huff
The Eye of the Lion, The Story of my First Hurricane by Mark Jeffers
Uncle Harry's Junkalunka Car by Stormy Cozad
Torry and the Origami Box by 

Stormy Cozad

Tutu Nene: The Hawaiian Mother Goose Rhymes by Debra Ryll

The Magic Ukulele by Dr. Carolan

Goodnight Hawaiian Moon 

by Dr. Carolan

B is for Beach 

by Dr. Carolan

Where are my Slippers? 

by Dr. Carolan

This is my Piko 

by Dr. Carolan

Ten Days in Hawaii 

by Dr. Carolan

Old Makana Had a Farm 

by Dr. Carolan

A President from Hawaii 

by Dr. Carolan

And be on the lookout for a new release by award-winning Kauai author, Monika Mira by the end of November. Who Lives in the Sea? Ocean Animals of Hawaii  is a repetitive, rhyming story about ocean animals that encourages early reading skills and answers the burning  questions that the inquisitive minds of young children tend to ask about the world around us. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

President Obama is A President from Hawaii

Kauai Author, Joanna Carolan gives us this beautifully illustrated book about a president from Hawaii. This is not a political book, instead it is a book about Hawaii, its history, culture and values. President Obama experienced these same cultural nuances and values while growing up in the Aloha State. For those of you looking to teach your children about Hawaii and about the president, this book is a great way to start. The collage illustrations include photos of the president as a child, mixed in with original art in bold, bright colors and attractive layouts that are sure to keep your child's attention.

Some of the values that are covered in this book are those of Kuleana, Malama and Kokua which help teach children lessons of responsibility, and stewardship, while simultaneously introducing Hawaiian language. Other parts of Hawaiian cultural that are addressed like shave ice, plate lunches and Hawaiian Lei are as colorful as the illustrations in the book and as diverse as the people that live here.

The book comes with an audio CD featuring award-winning Hawaiian recording artists Amy Hanaialii and Kelii Kanealii. In addition to the narration of the book, the CD includes oli (Hawaiian chant) by Kumu Hula Healani Youn, and the song "These Islands" which Amy Hanaialii recorded exclusively for the book.