Monday, December 16, 2013

Kauai Author Carol Peacock-Williams Releases Two New Books

 One of our Guild Members, Carol A. Peacock-Williams had a wonderful time signing both of her new children's bedtime story books - Thwack Goes their Tails and My Kaua'i.  Both of these hard cover books are from a limited edition printing.  Thwack goes their tails was released to bookstores this summer in a cross country book tour from coast to coast on the U.S. mainland.  It was illustrated by Carol's mother over 50 years ago when Bessie M. Peacock was working as an illustrator in Downtown Memphis, TN.  One day she decided to do some illustrations for a couple of her own books, but did not know how to get these children's books published.  Bessie gave Carol her illustrations over 10 years ago to get them published in the U.S. as hard cover picture books.  This turned out to be a more challenging project than Carol ever imagined.  As a results, both sets of illustrations Carol's mother gave her have a very vintage look to them.  Teachers seem to be very drawn to Thwack Goes Their Tails  since it is about Beavers - an animal that some preschoolers have never learned about. 

My Kaua'i, which was released this past Oct. is filled with oil painting illustrations created by Carol of her favorite images around her home island of Kaua'i, HI along with the bedtime story which was edited by her daughter, Christy Jo Williams.  After many requests for a children's book that Carol had actually illustrated herself, she took the paintings she had done over the past couple of year in art classes taught by local artist Fred Tangalan and put them into a bedtime story book.  This book is about a mother and child talking about what they are going to do one day, starting on the North shore of Kaua'i and ending up on the West side watching the sun set and the moon rise.  The only oil painting created for this book is on the last page which is a map of the island of Kaua'i along with labels to show where each image is on the island.  Visitors and locals both seem to love this book.

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